How does this work and how long will it take..?

It takes about 30 seconds to register and then two extra clicks when you go to buy pet supplies.

Let me break it down…

  • The Registration Process

    • Go to BBDE.PET/SIGNUP and sign up with your Name, email address, and the Organization you wish to support with your purchases.

    • Bookmark (save as a favorite) the main page.

    • That’s it! All done! No more to see here!

    • … except to register of course … REGISTER HERE

  • The Buying Process

    • Click the bookmark/favorite you saved above.

    • Click SIGN IN.

    • Enter your email address and sign in.

    • Click on the button for the place you are headed to to shop.

    • That’s it! You are free to shop (and support your chosen organization).